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Top 10 reasons to move to Delaware. Delaware has reasons to make you want to live there. Really.

Top 10 reasons to move to Delaware. Delaware has reasons to make you want to live there. Really.
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Bathroom Sign : No we’re overpopulated
Tom Kasholo : Get rid of the pos democrats
Tenzack YOGI : Delaware state is in bless in disguise.
Ashar Askari : i live in delaware i used to hate it but when i explored all of it i loved it
james burke : Hey you said this state sucked in your last video
Cameron Skedel : old people state ...
Sammy K. : Top 10 reasons to move to Delaware: I can't think of any at all
Dreakal : I live in Wilmington
Joanne : Well, in your reasons-not-to Delaware video, you explain very clearly the ramifications of low tax revenues: poor schools, poor services, understaffed police. So, no, they're not making the whole low-tax thing work.
Mason Lynch : I love N. Bethany beach. Your close to the downtown area yet your far enough that it’s not packed.

Why is DELAWARE America's corporate CAPITAL? - VisualPolitik EN

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Delaware is America’s business capital. Yes, you heard this right: it is not New York or California. Wilmington, Delaware is where companies like Ford, Google, or General Electric have their corporate headquarters. At the first glance, you might believe this is all due to being a fiscal haven. But, the truth is that corporate taxation in Delaware, low as it is, is much higher than in other fiscal havens like Luxembourg or Caiman Islands. So then… Why are so many American companies registered on this state? What does Delaware have that other states or countries don’t? On this video we will answer to all of these questions.

*Script written by Javier Angulo

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Malik Bratcher : Yes it is a tax haven and it’s also disincentivizing opportunity to land there for people that grow up there. Obviously unless you own a LLC
Douglas Kaminski : The “Franchise” that should be Trump’s new name for Biden. In the race to the bottom Trump can tell us how Biden and Delaware screw us all out of corporate tax revenue, Biden can tell us how Trump’s tax cut screwed the 99%. Either way the 1% gets another “win win.”
MrStig691 : Federalism clearly makes no sense.
ZoomZip : On a real note, where can i buy the shirt that simon is wearing? haha
Poodle In A Doodle : Tax havens exist to reduce that tax toll on corporations and individuals. There is nothing more to add. Either find another way to finance government or remove the loopholes.
Caf3in3 : Delaware sounds like a mall not a state , its actually what i thought it was when i heard americans say delawere.
Santiago Debus : panama: I'm a tax haven
delaware: hold my beer
Jason : Hey, how is our generation going to make money, its okay for the boomers who made their money, and now sit on a high horse, but paying high taxation is not gonna work.
Catherine Stevens : Delaware would be the Malta of the EU not cyprus lol
Ubersnuber : Delaware loophole is a win for the company, and absolutely nobody else.

City of Newark, Delaware - Delivering A High Quality Of Life At A Low Cost of Service

City leaders in Newark, Delaware are committed to providing service excellence to its residents. They’ve implemented operational changes and innovative ideas that allow the progressive community to maintain its small town feel. Yet, residents enjoy the perks of a big city, evident along Newark’s award-winning Main Street. Follow ICMA TV to primely located Newark, Delaware, where we discover that local businesses and families are appreciative that their government is working smarter.
amanda davis : Delaware is a blue state. So screw that. I need to move away from idiot liberals.
Chef SamO' : I LIVE HERE

Agent Fishy : I live In Newark Delaware
Johnny Deos : It's a bit of a boring state but if you live near the UD Campus there's a lot of parties and it's very nice. Everything they say is absolutely correct.
Tee Boss : I am planning on Relocating to Delaware from Virginia and I found a wonderful apartment in Newark Delaware as well I would love to know if for the most part it is pretty diverse because coming from the state of Virginia I would love to have a peace of mind knowing that there is more equality. So can someone help me?
Fun Facts : I'll be migrating in ellsworth newark delaware, is it nice there? Is dumpster diving in delaware is legal or not? Btw im from the philippines
어리둥절한 바보e한국에서 온 : am moving to delaware in a few months. i’ll reply to this comment once i actually land there lmao
Dick Z. Mason : Grew up in Newark and wrote a song about it, tell me what you think
jo pi : Repaving Main Street and Delaware Avenue would be a major improvement. They are basically rumble strips all the way down the road. You cannot keep refilling potholes. It doesn't work.
Etown Vintage Buys : I lived in Lincoln near Milford for awhile. I miss living in Delaware. I'm in PA now the next county over from where I grew up. State taxes and cost of living expenses suck here. I'm moving back to Delaware once I can afford a house with some property. I sell stuff on eBay for a living so I really don't need to be in a city area. I liked the country feel of Lincoln. When I lived down there about ten years ago, I really didn't have my life figured out yet so I didn't have the resources to take full advantage of the benefits of living in such a great state. I will definitely be moving my business to Delaware within the next one to two years.




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